Board of Trustees

botBoard of Trustees meeting are held on the third Thursday of each month at school. These meetings are open to all. Non Board members do not have speaking rights although they can be granted at the discretion of the Chairperson.

The Board of Trustees will report to the community annually. Communication that needs consideration by the Board must be in writing, as per the Complaints procedures. Correspondence to the Board must be received by the Thursday lunchtim, preceding the meeting for it to be dealt with at that meetintg.

A summary of the meeeting will be included in the school newsletter after the meeting. The minutes are kept in the staffroom and parents/caregivers are welcome to view these at any time.


Chairperson James Austin
Secretary Sheryn Christey
Health & Safety Katie Simpson
Finance Sheryn Christey
Property  James Austin
Documention and Self Review Hadiee McCabe
  Nick Fisher
Staff Rep Di Anderson
Principal Ken Heaphy