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It is a pleasure to introduce Albury School.

Albury School is steeped in history within our local area. Opening on September 11th 1882, with a small roll of 25 students. This increased over time as the township grew. By 1948 the roll had increased to 103 and continued to have steady growth rising to 125 students (1957), 145 students (1959) and but then opened in Feb 1960 with 127 students. During the mid-1980s the roll was at a constant 63 students dropping to below 40 students in the 1990s. This reflected the amalgamation of farms and families leaving the district in pursuit of other employment.

Today Albury School sits at around 35 students with each year being either slightly up or down depending on the size of the year group heading onto Year 7 educational providers. Albury strives to remain a viable 2-teacher school and we rely on local families supporting their local school.

Albury School continues to provide and host events that have been generational. The annual Pet Day is an important event in our calendar, where students enjoy showing and sharing their rural pets with our school and wider community.

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