Our School

Albury School is a year 1 – 6 rural school, boasting all the benefits of a small caring community, but with the facilities and resources of a big city school. The school has extensive grounds which include tennis courts, adventure playground, playing fields, covered and heated swimming pool (available to the community from mid-November to the end of March), school gardens, and well-stocked sports shed. We are serviced by 3 Bus runs.

The children enjoy opportunities for Education outside the Classroom the Mackenzie area provides, as well as visits further afield for sport, art and topic studies. Family grouping classrooms provide a caring and nurturing environment for learning and growing with a strong emphasis on family values, giving the children the chance to learn and be challenged.

The school is part of the Mackenzie Cluster of schools which give the children the opportunity to mix and compete against children from other schools in sports, speech and science. The school has enjoyed success with National Standards results (see our latest ERO report here)


Our Classrooms

We currently run two classrooms:

  • Piwakawaka Classroom (Year 1-3)
  • Tui Classroom (Year 4-6)


The library is open to children at all times, during the school week.
Each class has a Library session each week on a Friday.

School Vision

The children at Albury School will aim to be positive, confident learners, with an awareness of self (within the cultural heritage of New Zealand and the local community)
They will achieve personal excellence and will reflect on their learning and make decisions that will enhance their learning in the future.
They will be effective communicators and be able to read, write and process information effectively and will have numeracy knowledge and strategies. They will know the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices, nurturing and maintaining positive relationships.


Children are usually enrolled from age 5 years but legally must be enrolled when they turn 6 years old. Parents are asked to bring a copy of the child’s birth certificate and immunisation record so that the enrolling teacher can verify date of birth, and immunisation status.

Albury School Board

Board meetings are held twice termly at school. These meetings are open to all. Non Board members do not have speaking rights although they can be granted at the discretion of the Presiding Member.

Our Team

Principal – Donna Donnelly
Piwakawaka Teacher
  –  Heather van der Heyden
Tui Teacher  – Hannah Beynon
Teacher Aide  – Tracey Roughton
Office AdministratorKathrin Burgert
Cleaner – Jaimee Hall
Caretaker – Ross Jarvis 


Albury School Uniform is compulsory. You can order directly from Mainland Uniform https://www.mainlanduniforms.nz/195-albury-school

Please ensure that all uniform items are named.’


Annual Reports

View our Annual Reports below

School Polices (School Docs)

We keep our School Policies on a website called School Docs. You can access School Docs by clicking the link below.

username: albury

password: queen

School Charter

Please click on the button to view our School Charter here.